steal this idea: fun tea sandwiches


When I decided to throw a good out-of-town friend a baby shower, I did what any newbie shower-thrower would do. I went to Martha! She had some great shower recipe ideas, including one for mini sandwiches. I loved the idea, but wanted to find better filling options and cookie-cutter shapes. That called for a trip to Sur La Table, where I saw everything from baby chicks to bunnies to baby bottles. But it was the triceratops and unicorn that caught my eye and gave me the idea for a boy-versus-girl theme (since my friend doesn’t know the sex of the baby). The tray of sandwiches garnered giggles as well as many seconds. I used thin slices of dense bread for both — potato for the dinosaur and pumpernickel for the unicorn. You can use any combination of fillings that sound yummy but make sure you smear something like butter or cream cheese on both slices of bread to hold it all together. My combos were cucumber, butter and mint on potato bread; and smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives on the pumpernickel. With so many cookie-cutter and filling options, this simple and fun recipe idea could work for almost any gathering! –Ginny F.

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I’m convinced that everything tastes better as a small sandwich. Those are so cute and perfect for a baby shower!