post off: how will you spend your summer vacation?


Seattle is known for quite a few things: rain (of course), salmon, and the Space Needle to name a few — but my favorite trait of the city I call home? Its magnificent summers. For reals. I’m talking long days, perfect warm temps, and plenty of gorgeous outdoor spaces in-city to soak it all in. That’s why this summer, we’re not going anywhere we can’t drive to in a few hours. It’s too good to miss. But not everyone lives in such a moderate climate — some folks may have to skip town to beat the sweltering heat of July and August. What’s your plan? Whirlwind European tour? R.V. adventure in a National park? Or, like us, will you be enjoying the scenery in your own backyard? — Megan B.

photo: from one of last summer’s “staycations”, Point Robinson lighthouse on Vashon Island.

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I recently changed companies and I’m waiting for my vacation days to come in. So I won’t be able to take time off until after August.

I adore Seattle and I always wondered why Seattlites never took advantage of their wonderful city. I guess a Seattlite might wonder why someone from Orlando would not take advantage of their city either.

I think it would be fun to google all the different things to do in your city and to pretend to be a tourist. There are some great hotel deals. A one night stay some place, one of the food tours. a nice out at the fanciest restaurant. etc.

I would love to do that in my city of Orlando. I might stay at a hotel downtown and go bar hopping, drink around the world at epcot, Stay at a hotel near the beach.

There are also some fun things I want to drive to Such as St. Augustine – the oldest city or Go to Tampa and St. Pete where the Salvador Dali Museum is at.


-driving up to Maine by mid-july. NY can be a miserable humid hut.

-I started putting some of the music fests and home and garden tours in my calendar.

-But my main hope is to get on some gardening. Also vicariously living off of other people’s chicken blogging chronicles.

Liz H.

I’m leaving in less than two weeks for a summer-long internship in Kosovo. I’m hoping to take some weekend trips around the area: Istanbul? Budapest? Greece? Should be exciting!