help me throw a couples’ baby shower!

My very good friends are having their first baby this fall, and I’m throwing them a couples-shower next month. We know that their little one will be a girl, but I do not want to throw an overly-girly shower since I plan on inviting both ladies and gents to our event. Right now the plan is to have a garden party with small drinks and eats (but not open presents which, in my experience, can drag on too long). I would also like to do maybe a funny game with the couple, like test the new dad’s diaper-changing skills, and the new mom’s ability to work the baby monitor. Other than that, I’m a little at a loss for fun ideas that aren’t too girly (or silly). Anyone have any couples’ shower ideas to share with me? – Rebecca F.

From our partners

for my baby shower about four years ago, my friend organized a baby-clothes tie-dye party. She ordered white shirts/bottoms/onesies/etc and dye supplies from and we had a BLAST. And my kid was the best-dressed kid in town. :)


For my sister’s baby shower, I made a few bunting/banners with illustrations from classic children’s books. We numbered each one and had the guests name the books. I think there were 36 total, and included stuff like Lyle, Lyle, Croccodile, Caps For Sale, Corduroy, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, stuff like that. (My dad ended up getting 30-some correct as he was hanging them for us.) People seemed to have a good time guessing and chatting about which were their favorites, and it was popular with the vast range of ages we had (13 to mid-80s). It made for extremely cute decor also (and fit perfectly into our theme of storybook shower).


I like to create puzzles, like word seplacees or anagrams, that are based on the names of the parents (and child, if decided on already) or generic baby items. you can print them up (there are plenty of websites that will generate them automatically for you) and distribute them for people to do on their own at the party. some people will get competitive, some people will think they’re fun; it’s a nice unstructured thing for a party. they also serve as a decoration and little keepsake. if you are feeling very inventive, try to pick a nine letter phrase with no repeating letters (you can incorporate numbers, like a due date) and then make a sudoku with them…


Aimee that sounds so cute I want pics.

I did a “name that ‘baby’ tune” last year, it went well and was helpful for multi-generational mingling, (so many grandma’s and teenagers) and involving the guys in DJing.

snippets from James Brown and the Beach Boys to Bieber and Ludacris.


Something that the dads/dudes will get into is a betting board for the date/time & weight of the baby. Chart the weights down the Y axis of the graph (4oz increments from 6 to 11 lbs) and the times on the X axis (12hr increments for 5 days on either side of the due date). You wind up with a 20×20 grid. Each bet makes a guess on the date/weight, the hot bets will go fast.

Sell ‘squares’ for $1 (like a Super Bowl grid). The winner gets 1/2 the money, and the other 1/2 goes toward a night out for the new parents while a friend or relative volunteers babysitting duties. Write it on something permanent (not a chalkboard) so the bets survive until the birthdate.


have people email you their baby pictures ahead of time, print them out and display, each with a number. then make a list of everyone who sent in a pic and people have to match the baby pic to the person


Llyra’s shower sounds AWESOME! For a less-messy alternative, get a bunch of onesies and cloth diapers/burp cloths and some fabric markers and let guests draw and write all over them.


At my baby shower each person was given a diaper pin when they arrived. Choose a key word, I think ours was baby. Every time one person hears the word they can ask for the other person’s pin. If that person had a chain of pins they had to surrender them all. There was a lot of competition going on! The good thing about it was that conversation could continue while the game was going on. Of course, there was a prize for the winner!


I would personally be offended if the dad’s diaper skills were tested but not the mom’s. Just a thought. I think that even if they’re having a girl, it’s easy enough to keep things on the neutral side (decorations can be in orange, green, yellow, etc. and games can be neutral as well).
At my shower (which was for both of us), we were blindfolded & had to ‘race’ diaper a stuffed animal.
You could have a tray of baby-related things & let everyone look at it for X minutes & then cover it up & have them list everything they remember within a certain time period. Person with the best memory wins.
Also, I think a large point of having a shower is to open gifts. People love to see the reaction the recipients have! I wouldn’t nix that.


Check out
They have awesome ideas!


Apologies if I’ve posted this here before, but the way we got around the present-opening thing at the co-ed shower I threw for my friends was that the expecting couple opened each guest’s gift as the guest arrived (or as soon as was reasonable). Then the gifts were put out on a table so people could squee over the outfits and widdle socks and ironic onesies. The giver got to see the couple’s reaction but there was no forced watch-me-open-25-presents action. I thought it worked very well.

A greener shower is unwrapped gifts (no paper!) and then a display table, with the names of the givers on a card! A great game is a draw-your-own onesie or some kind of silhouette applique action (super easy with fusible webbing OR fabric markers!) Then offer a clothesline to hang them on!
I’ve always enjoyed a rousing pin the tail on the donkey (makes any party! diaper on the baby blindfolded) or a guess-the-baby-food (which all tastes gross.) I’m also in favor of a very easy breezy non-game best wishes shower which I think is super fun. Or a bring-your-own baby picture guessing game sort of thing. Simple is best.

Another unstructured game of sorts… name suggestions, the more wildly unrealistic, the better! Put out a couple of containers, pens and slips of paper. First names go in one container, middle names go in the other. Maybe throw out some creative examples, including, but not limited to: pet names, fruits and vegetables (a la Gwyneth), car makes and models, weather phenomena, rock stars, biblical figures, politicians, elements from the periodic table, etc.

At some point have the parents do a few rounds of blinding choosing sets of first and middle names and reading them out loud. Surprisingly fun :)


One shower game that can be fun at co-ed showers is diaper relay challenge. You pick a few people to compete, say 2 teams of five and you have them compete a relay against each other by diapering a doll or stuffed animal(whatever). Each team gets a section of the room cheering for them and winners get bragging rights. You can organize co-ed teams or have men vs. women. It is a great game because it incorporates the diapering skill testing with competition and is fun because men tend to get really competitive.

Charades is always a great game to play. A game called Pictionary is fabulous as well. Great success to you and your good friends.


Take plungers and have the women hold them between their legs (no hands) and have the men hold a roll of toliet paper behind their backs (on their butt really) and while the women are blind folded the men try to guide the women to their Toilet paper roll.. 1st one to get the plunger stick through the roll wins. It hilarious poking the guys and they get our end of it lol