summer’s coming: time to practice your grill marinades!


I don’t know how I caught the bug, but two years ago I started grilling and I haven’t looked back. And of course, summer is THE time to rev up the BBQ, invite some friends over, and get cooking! Before I kick off the season I usually try out a few delicious marinade recipes to get my grilling-chops up to speed. A little trial and error helps me figure out exactly how far ahead, or intensely, to marinade meats and veggies. Then, I take the fruits of my labor to lunch in the form of wraps, salads, mixed with rice … such delicious treats to spice up my workday. Here are a few of my favorite marinades you can try for yourself:
Thai chicken bbq. I use thighs instead of wings.
Grilled sweet potatoes and scallion salad
Brick chicken. I make this on a grill instead of in the oven, with a brick covered in foil
Balsamic grilled vegetables.

Enjoy, and add to the list in comments! — Rebecca F.

Photo credit: Rebecca Firlik

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Any other suggestions for veggie marinades?

seems the veggie link is wrong … here’s the right one!

also, i bet asparagus would be great with a little miso marinade …

ooh, i’m so ready for some summer grilling…yum!

On the subject of marinades, I bought my dad a Vacu Vin instant marinating container for his birthday (think Father’s Day gift!). He loves it. It uses a vacuum to open up the meat to take in the marinade quicker. He lives in South Carolina and grills all the time, and he says he’s noticed a difference.

Megan B

I have to say — Every chance I get I’ve been firing up the charcoal on the weber! Last night I did vegetarian: tofu steaks & sweet potatoes (thanks for the inspiration) with a spicy soy marinade (sesame oil, rice vinegar, sambal, honey & soy sauce) AND enormous artichokes w/ a worchestershire aioli. SO GOOD.