cool gifts for coffee-loving dads!


It’s no secret we’re coffee lovers here at Shelterrific. So why would the fathers in our lives be any different? (Actually, my dad never touched the stuff, preferring Diet Coke.) So I’ve gathered up a handful of groovy gadgets and gift ideas for those java enthusiasts on your shopping list — most under $50 (with the exception of #1).
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My picks (starting clockwise from top left):
Mypressi twist, $149.99 at Thinkgeek. It’s a portable, CO2 powered handheld espresso machine. So cool, it’s kinda worth the cost, right?

Hand-painted ceramic travel mug by Etsy seller sewZinski, $30 — I love the nautical almost tattoo-like design — bet Dad would dig it, too — and it would keep his cuppa joe at optimum temperature much longer than paper.

Chemex classic brewer, $40 at Intelligentsia Coffee (pick up some beans while you’re at their site) — pour-over coffee is staging a big time comeback, and this iconic design is the perfect vessel for it.

Hario Slim Mill, $35 at SweetMaria’s. This travel-sized hand burr grinder provides perfectly consistent grounds at a moment’s notice with just a twist of the wrist or two (more like twenty), and its ceramic conical burr can be adjusted fine enough to pull espresso and coarse enough for french press. Trust me — I travel with one of these puppies myself.

Top Dog mug, $14 at Rock Scissor Paper. Much cooler than a “World’s Best Dad” mug — and who can resist a Boston Terrier?

Bean Vac canister, $34.99 at Amazon. Air is coffee’s greatest enemy, causing 75% flavor loss in coffee within two weeks of roasting. The Bean Vac removes air from your beans, extending the shelf life of fresh roasted beans dramatically.

Have any great gift ideas — coffee related or not ? Share them in the comments! — Megan B.

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