basic but beautiful planter plants

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Every spring when I fill my planters, I comb the nursery for something exotic. More often than not, I end up disappointed and with planters that, well, fizzle. This year, inspired by an article in Country Living, I decided to go basic. Sweet potato vine, creeping Jenny (lysimachia “Goldilocks”) and Kong coleus. I planted them in May and crossed my fingers. Less than a month later, I already have plants that are trailing over the sides and while the Kong coleus aren’t quite Empire State Building big, they’ve doubled in size. Next year, I may switch up the colors, but I’ll definitely stick with the basics. What about you? Got any planter favorites to share? — Sarah L.

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Megan B

The plants are lovely, Sarah — but your post had me thinking that “Kong Coleus” would be a killer band name.

Sarah L.

i’d go see them at least once : )