watermelon: summer’s secret ingredient


Last Monday we took the day off to observe Memorial Day and celebrate the kickoff of another summer season. Today we tip our hats to the ambassador fruit of the season by taking pause to recognize the little corner of the internet dedicated expressly to it: Watermelon.org . Whether enjoyed alone or receiving top billing in a popsicle combo, watermelon is one of my all-time favorite fruits and the surest sign (besides the firing of the “check filter” light on my air conditioner) that summer has indeed arrived. This year I’m interested in incorporating the fruit in different ways. For starters, I’m looking to Megan B.’s much-loved recipe for watermelon with feta and mint and Nigella Lawson’s watermelon, feta and black olive salad, which comes highly-recommended by our readers. In the beverage department, 21st Amendment brews a seasonal “Hell or High Watermelon” wheat beer that I’d love to track down and introduce to my taste buds, and for more recipes, both cocktail and otherwise, I’ll be looking to the experts at the National Watermelon Promotion Board, but I’d love to put the call out to our readers as well. Have any watermelon-pairing epiphanies to share? Sound off in comments, I’m all ears and the summer has just begun! Here’s to you, watermelon. 92% water, 100% delicious. – Sarah C.

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Julianne P.

I had pickled — PICKLED! — watermelon in a salad this weekend. BF and I asked the waitress what these deliciously odd white-and-pink gems were; we were shocked. I’m not sure how to make ’em, but they were a nice addition to brighten up some greens.

Megan B

Yes! A friend was just chirpin’ about some tasty cocktail with cucumber vodka blitzed with fresh watermelon, cucumber and sparkling water. Sounded SO refreshing!

On the pickled note: pickled watermelon RIND is also quite delish, though it sounds bizarre. It’s an excellent way to use the part you’d otherwise pitch.

I’m most looking forward to trying one of the new “personal”/baby watermelons – I want to split one open like a cantaloupe and just dig in with a spoon. How gorgeous does that sound for a hot day in July?

Hmm… That watermelon, feta and black olive salad sounds delicious, and after reading the recipe from Nigella.com, it looks very easy to make. Sounds like a nice cooking project for this weekend.