‘tis the season to get ticked off!


My in-laws are plagued by ticks so when they discovered the Ticked Off tick remover, they promptly gifted one to us. It’s sat, unused, in our junk drawer ever since. Then the dog carried a tick home from a weekend romp in the woods. Next thing you know, I’m digging through the junk drawer, wondering where the tick-remover thingie went. Using it is easy — place the notched cup behind the tick, then slide it forward toward the head. It ensures that the entire tick is removed and the cup catches the tick for easy and touch-free disposal. Designed for use on pets or people, the $10 is well worth the peace of mind. Find it at a local retailer through the Ticked Off website or order online through Amazon, where the original is currently a steal at $2.99 . Made in the U.S.A. — Sarah L.

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Or just cut a notch in an old measuring spoon, right?


wow, curious, do you uses any anti-tick medication?

Sarah L.

Ellie, no. We don’t have a problem with them in our area so I just do heartworm. Just did a visual check on people and dog when we were traveling but forgot to do that with pup right before we loaded him in the car.

Mary T.

I once went on a long hike (in Ohio) and when I got back to the car discovered ticks on every layer of clothing. All told I think there were 18 ticks on me — mostly on my clothes but one did adhere to my head. You can imagine the scene that caused!!! I am pretty sure when we got home I undressed in my driveway and all the clothes went straight in the wash. Luckily I had a really unflappable roommate at the time who got the tick off my head quickly with the time-honored tweezers. Always happy to have good tick remedies since that! : )