giveaway friday: hammocks & high tea!


We can’t help it. We’re still obsessed with those gorgeous drawer liners from Hammocks & High Tea that we showed you back in January. They add such a sophisticated, “pulled together” feeling to our dresser drawers, and make us even more excited to head to our closets every morning. Plus, their subtle scents make us feel a bit like Grace Kelly when we open our delicates drawer (though we’re guessing she didn’t rely as heavily on her trusty collection of Gap boyshorts as we do).

Summer seems to be the season in which we finally unload our closet and actually undergo a clean-out – something about the switch from cardigans to tank tops just brings out the organizer in us. We were thinking: maybe we could help a few of our readers with their summer closet overhauls!

And so, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people at Hammocks & High Tea to give three Shelterrific readers their favorite set of drawer liners. That’s right: we’re giving you new drawers! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

To enter, just leave a comment letting us know what you’re most excited to pull out from the back of your winter closet and wear to death all summer long. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, June 15 via random number generator, so please have your entries in by 5 pm Pacific time. US residents only, winners must choose from available stock.

Good luck everyone!

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rori z

lightweight sun dresses, it’s been so hot lately! but i do need to go through my dresser and pack away my winter wear, this would give me a good incentive to organize everything and do some editing.


I am very excited for skirts with cute shoes! Skirts with tights in the winter just isn’t the same.


I have some gorgeous summer outfits… some that I went deep into hock for! But, my go to outfit is a simple black dress (which I believe is supposed to be a bathing suit cover up!) that looks awesome dressed up with fab jewelry and sparkly shoes, or great with my white capri length leggings and flip flops! I love it SO much that I I went back and bought two more to put away.. at $19 bucks each, it was definitely worth it!


i have a few dresses with tags on them, they WILL be worn this summer!

My Worishofer sandals! I only have a single pair in navy right now, but I’m contemplating buying more colors. So comfortable, stylish and cute!


My MIL gave me the cutest sundress this spring. And now it’s actually warm enough to wear it!

Ooh, lovely (and motivation to get into those, um, drawers!). I love loose and comfy dresses with fluttery cap sleeves; I have a couple of vintage ones that I hope I can fit into after a winter’s worth of mac and cheese! Thanks for the giveaway!

Sara P.

My floppy straw hat. There is nothing that makes me feel like it is summer more then a big hat and sunglasses!


Capris & sandals! My summer staple! Remember when they were called clam diggers??? HA! Thanks for the give away! Doing some late Spring cleaning here and the drawer liners would come in handy!

When it finally warms up in Seattle I will by thrilled to pull out my strapless terry lounging dress -it’s perfect for running around the house AND out for errands on hot days!

edna murga

i can’t wait to start wearing my summer skirts and sandals…Portland, Oregon is starting to feel a lot like summer…Thanks for the chance to win…e*


I’m starting an extreme exercise plan to get ready for a friend’s wedding, so as soon as I can squeeze into it, I’ll be the tacky freak wearing a JLo-esque white jumpsuit.


I have the cutest short dresses and sandals that would be perfect for this hot weather!


I have a brown maxi dress that has been hiding in the back of my closet for far too long! I love it to death and have worn it around the house but it hasn’t been hot enough yet to wear it out. I feel amazing in it. Can’t wait for summer!

I’m so excited to pull out the bathing suits!


It’s been hot enough here to wear everything in my summer wardrobe, but I still need to put a few winter items away. I think I’m in denial ;)


bathing suits and flowy cover-ups!

i just about live in my cutoff shorts and stripey tees all summer. i’ve been able to wear them a few times already. bring on the sun!


I am so excited for it to get hot enough to live in shorts. It is always fun to take them out at the beginning of the summer when they still seem “new” and different. Soon they will be the daily routine and not so exciting anymore, but for those first few weeks they are awesome!


I can’t wait to wear my skirts and dresses again! My summer wardrobe doubles in the summer. :)


Uh, I mean my *regular* wardrobe doubles… whoops!


As embarassing as it is to admit–all I care about is wearing my Old Navy flipflop collection.


Last year I loaded up on maxi dresses and I’m so excited that they’re still in fashion this summer! They’re perfectly cool and comfy during the hot months!! I’ve just started digging them out of the back of my closet and drawers!


The cute little summer dresses… so light and summery that I can’t “just throw a sweater over”.

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there’s nothing that beats a nice lightweight summer dress! or better yet, a tank and a nice flowy skirt. it’s been warm enough for them on the east coast, but i’m waiting for those nights where it’s still hot when the sun goes down!

These are so beautiful. I am excited to put the boots away and wear my cute sandals!


my bathing suit!!!

I’m excited to finally wear summer dresses. There’s a yellow one that’s so airy and light that I will be wearing all summer long.

I’m excited to wear anything that isn’t maternity wear!

Muumuus! It’s like being naked! Muumuus make me feel like mrs. Roper but I’m so oh-so comfortable that I don’t care.

I pretty much live in dresses and flip-flops all summer long and I can’t wait to add more frilly, flowery frocks to my collection!


Sandals & flip-flops!


cotton dresses and sandals!


Flip flops for sure!


white skinny jeans. i know it’s weird, but they make me feel tan and vacation-y!


Why on earth would you cover up those beautiful liners with stuff?! I will remove everything from my drawers, place it on the bed, line the drawers and keep them open to admire them.


Strappy sandals for sure!! Gotta show off the pedicure!


Summer sandals! Wedges, flip flops, and a fabulous pedicure.


i’ve got some vintage halter sundresses and the most intense platform wedges to go with them that i’m super excited to wear to death all summer long.


I’m really looking forward to wearing light floaty full skirts this summer.

I love these liners – thanks for offering them to us. I got a dress at Macy’s last year that everyone thinks came from Mexico. It’s got colorful embroidery on the yoke and is lightweight and comfy. Looks like I’m not alone in loving summer dresses.


Cute dresses. Heavy winter dresses are not cute. Summer dresses are.


I’m looking forward to breaking out the sandals – wedges, high heeled, and flats. I confess, I’m a shoe girl! ;-)


I’ve lost thirty pounds (so far!) and cannot find ANYTHING to wear. All of my pants are literally falling off and my shirts are causing me to look pregnant. I’ve begun the hunt for incredible bargains and staples that will stretch across seasons/years… Thank God my shoes still fit! I’ve already begun throwing on sandles and peep toes!


The summery clothes were out and ready for wear looong before the warm weather decided to stick around. I’m so happy to be wearing it all now!!!


I am currently not too happy with the state of my summer wardrobe, something that I need to try and remedy as soon as possible. When I set out to do so, I’m definitely looking for cute summer dresses that I can wear to work and cute flowy tops good for day or night!