a children’s book for weary parents

A Mansbach book

Rest easy, everyone. I’ve found the gag gift for your next baby shower. This book, written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, has been making the Internet rounds for a few weeks fueled, it seems, by the empathy of thousands of very tired parents. Rounding out 50 days in the top 100 on the Amazon Bestsellers list for books (where it sits in second place, as of press time), this might be a great laugh for a parent you know with a restless baby and intact sense of humor. And it appears other sleepy parents agree. Originally slated to be published this fall, the publication date was moved up to today after PDF versions hit the web, creating a spike in demand. A runaway hit for its independent publisher, Akashic, the first print run of 275,000 copies easily trumps the firm’s standard first run, which averages 4,000 to 6,000; a testament to the the power of tired parents everywhere. Readers, have you read it? $8.18 at Amazon. – Sarah C.

For an interesting look at the book’s success, click here.

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Ha! I just finished listening to the audio book as read by Samuel L. Jackson. Audible.com had it up as a free download yesterday. Highly, highly recommended. (Although, I did have to stifle my laughter because my 3 year old is having a rough night. God help me if I woke her up laughing at this particular book.)

Gag gifts for parents who want to sleep… nice! Every new mom or dad can probably appreciate this book at different times in their child’s infant stages.

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