new obsession: purslane


If it looks like a succulent to you, that’s ’cause it is! Purslane, native to India & the Middle East originally, is an edible succulent that is often viewed as a weed. It can grow in most any soil, will spread like wildfire, and is drought and “black thumb” tolerant. The benefits keep on coming: Purslane, in addition to being delicious (kinda tart and juicy) is naturally high in vitamin C and other minerals along with omega-3 fatty acids.

I’m planting quite a bit this year, so I’ll be doing my usual Summer salad bonanza with a healthy dose of Purslane for sure. It’s popular in Greek cuisine, so pairing it with feta, kalamatas and olive oil is an option — but you can cook it down too, and it will actually thicken soups. Crazy! Have you tried it? Any recipes to share? — Megan B.

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I haven’t yet tried growing Purslane, but I do forage it from local park lands and bushland areas. I link to a few recipes in this post:

I hadn’t heard about it thickening soup. I’ll definitely give that a go thanks.


Huh, I wished I had know about this last year because my window box was full of them. I didn’t plant them- they just started growing…