post off: do you keep a well-stocked bar?


Growing up, our house didn’t have a bar per se, more of a shelf in the entryway closet with booze of unknown antiquity and a handful of bottles of homemade Kahlua (that I occasionally snuck from… shhh! don’t tell mom). As an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate the art of a well-made cocktail — specifically, the Negroni. I’ve taken such a liking to them, I decided to bite the bullet and stock my home bar with the components. Dry Fly Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth are now proudly on display, along with my assortment of Fee Brothers Bitters and a couple of vintage cocktail shakers. I’m sure I’ll add more to it eventually, but for now, it’s all I need. Those bottles and shakers all arranged make me feel so fancy and grown up. How about you? Is your home bar spartan, like mine, or does it look more like the (impressive) photo above? — Megan B.

photo courtesy of flickr user Rennett Stowe

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hahahahahahahahah – i could seriously open a bar from my home bar – and compared to my parents, i have nothing! and i don’t even really drink that much, maybe a drink or two a week at home, which is probably why it doesn’t go all that fast. thinking about taking some pix and sending them in; for a little new york apartment it really is quite a lot of booze

I’m more of a wino- I currently have 5 bottles, one as long as my leg. 2 are open. It’s the weekend, so I’ll probably be getting more. I’ve always wanted a well-stocked wine selection, but I figure I have my 30’s for that.


A home bar? As the mothe of a recovering alcoholic -and I speak for all the recovering folks our there, this is not the kind of post I expect to see on Shelterrific.

Megan B

@Ann- I’m sorry about your family’s struggle with the disease of alcoholism and I meant no harm with this post. We try to be inclusive of all readers here at Shelterrific, and have written about alcohol in the past without controversy. That being said, my husband is in recovery himself and has NO ISSUE with my tiny bar, from which I make non-alcoholic cocktails as well.

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