summer loving our “new” vintage glider


When we were looking to move from an apartment to a house, there was one thing we knew we wanted: a front porch. Now our porch has truly become the hang-out spot of our dreams thanks to a brand new “vintage” glider.

Even though wicker is big in our neighborhood, we knew we wanted something that suited our vintage mod style — and we did not want to sit still! After doing some reseplace online and in some salvage yards, we quickly learned that fine vintage metal furniture is hard to come by. Even the most rusty pieces were hundreds of dollars. We debated buying something that needed some TLC, but sanding and refinishing it ourselves would take a little more elbow grease than we had to spare. So, where does one buy a refurbished vintage glider? Why, at of course! You can browse styles on the site (ours is called “pie crust”) and order the color of your choice. Six weeks later, the UPS truck arrives with a beautiful piece. Yes, the prices is higher than a rusty one, but it does include delivery. Now that ours in in place, we are gliding and smiling every day. — Angela M.

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Megan B

Angela, thanks for sharing! I LOVE this — it would be so lovely on our front porch, or under the canopy of the maple & magnolia… sigh.


Ooh, I’m so jealous of that. We don’t have a front porch, houses with front porches were out of our price range in our neighborhood. But I do have a screened back porch, and I’ve been thinking of getting one of those. Love the piecrust cutouts, and love the baby blue paint.

Robert Gale

Hello! We have a vintage 1950’s metal glider,we just had it sandblasted and primed with a grey powdercoat paint,now we would like to know what is the most popular color of paint we should use?
Our intent is to sell it when it is finished. Thanks in advance for your comments! Bob & Vida