steal this idea: plantable wedding favors

wedding favors

I’m fresh off a family wedding in Cape Cod and while there’s a lot I’d love to share (and probably will!) today I have to mention the favors. As their parting gift to guests, the bride and groom gave these adorable note cards complete with honey sticks and a heart-shaped swath of wildflower seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks. I‘m thrilled! We’re all familiar with the debate about the value of wedding favors – some appreciate them while others could go without another thing to throw away – and I thought these were a delightful middle ground. Simple and thoughtful, they have a longer shelf life than food, and give guests the gift of beautiful flowers that will undoubtedly remind us all of the happy occasion. What do you think readers? Care to share some of the best favors you’ve received? – Sarah C.

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