american apparel gets stationery


Perhaps we should expect some grainy, provocative pictures of pencils and desk lamps in the near future because American Apparel has just launched an office and stationery line. In all seriousness, the products are pretty cute! From tiny erasers shaped like teeth and fruit to crayon rocks, the new stationery line is quirky with plenty of colorful Sharpies and sturdy notebooks thrown in for practicality’s sake. If your office supply list includes gold lame leggings and post-its, consider American Apparel for your one-stop shopping needs. –- Katie D.

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T Bone

no sale American Apparel. As a manager in corporate America, do you know how long I’ve worked to remove anything even remotely fun from my office? Breaking spirits is a long and arduous process. Having fun things around will only make it harder.

Good day, sir!

American Apparel Gets Stationary | Katie Donbavand

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I don’t shop AA since Dov Charney is such an awful dude. And darn, there are so many cute t shirts on etsy I want but they everyone seems to use AA t shirts!