blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


A decidedly Hawaiian twist on a cookout classic: Papaya ginger beer baked beans, at Coconut and Lime. Complete with Spam!

Right on the heels of our lowdown on hammocks, NPR explains the science behind why hammocks actually create easier and deeper sleep.

Badder Homes and Gardens inappropriately introduces The Hug chair, ingeniously designed for two seaters — or one person, and a laptop.

JennSki reminds us of one of our favorite super-simple quick-fixes: using tinfoil to remove rust from chrome.

Six unusual party decorating ideas, from using armchairs at the dinner table to tiered dessert stands for floral arrangements — at CasaSugar.

The new future of urban farming? Rooftop hydroponic towers — at the Huffington Post.

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