want it now: ceramic berry basket


I’ve been watching my strawberries ripen on the vine S L O W L Y over the last few weeks, and it’s like torture. A few more weeks, and it’s harvest time, though. And what better to store my patiently awaited bounty in than this adorable red ceramic berry basket I spotted at Sur la Table? The design is based on the dare-I-say iconic fiberboard baskets we get at berry stands, but with much more permanence — and those air holes are perfect to keep those berries sweet and fresh — not mushy and moldy. Best part? It’s on sale for $3.99, which means I can grab enough to help contain my soon-to-be overwhelming blackberry harvest. — Megan B.

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Katie D.

LOVE this basket! So pretty!


These are so cute, it sure does look a lot more durable than the fiberboard baskets!

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