etsy find: monster shark soda can koozie


As far as I’m concerned, summer movies begin and end with Jaws. Gripping and terrifyingly authentic, Jaws defined the summer movie blockbuster. It also makes me homesick. I grew up in New England and spent many summers on the beaches that the fictional monster stalked (da dun. . . da dun. . . da dun. . .). Lucky for me, Chicago screens the iconic film on the shores of Lake Michigan every summer. This year, I plan on including this shark koozie ($18) in my picnic basket to the screening. From etsy user Handamade, the adorable, button-eyed shark is a soothing reminder that not all sharks are man eaters- some of them just want to make sure your hands don’t get too cold while you’re holding your beverage! –- Katie D.

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T Bone

it’s a shame what hollywood has done to the shark. but i guess no one wants to see a movie about a shark concerned about hand temperatures. unless it starred the sharktopus and is about the internal struggle of the good of the shark fighting the evil uncaring-about-hand-temperature octopus.
the oscar is as good as mine.


Jaws! It’s cute how they made a mean looking shark into a cutesy cup holder.