steal this idea: loaf pans as drawer organizers


I can’t believe I hadn’t come up with this one before — using loaf pans to corral the utensils in my kitchen drawers. I stole the idea from the teaching kitchen I worked at last year, which had dozens of drawers filled with every kind of tool imaginable, all sorted in loaf pans of varying sizes. I already had two pans just loafing (sorry, I had to) around my cupboards, so I put them to use. My utility drawer has never been happier! Now, I keep on the lookout for as many as I can find at garage sales, thrift stores, where they’re usually available for a song; much more affordable than regular organizing bins. And I’m set if I ever need to make a huge batch of poundcake! — Megan B.

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I use ’em in my pantry too: oatmeal packets, granola bars, fruit leathers. Easy for my kiddos to find snacks.


brilliant! my bathroom closet is overflowing with tiny little containers of every toiletry imaginable (fiance’s job brings in TONS of free products for me to “review” aka hoard). it’s an odd size, narrow and only 10″ deep, which makes it very difficult to find any sort of baskets or organizing trays that will actually fit inside while still being small enough to remove and shallow enough to actually see what’s in them… until now! no more moisturizer avalanches; thank you!!


What a genius idea! It sure looks very unique too. May I ask what is that cute looking orange character used for? It’s adorable!

Megan B

Thanks, Karina! That “orange character” is a dog head oven mitt — made out of silicone, by Fred. I’ve had mine for about 4 years, but you can still find them. Here’s one on amazon for $10.


Good idea, but all my loaf pans are vintage Pyrex and I wouldn’t want to chip them. And my current drawers are all shallow and stupidly sized, so there’s no point in getting metal ones. Can’t WAIT to renovate this kitchen! We bought the house last year and are renovating it as time and money allow–unfortunately, next is new siding as the cedar shakes are practically turning to dust. Curb appeal will go way up, but I’ll still have the crappy 1983 Home Depot cabinets (we found the receipt) that are beginning to fall apart.

Sarah L.

Amen, Pencils! We have the same stupid cabinets with the same stupid drawers that won’t even accommodate a potato masher.


Thanks for your quick response Megan! It’s adorable and I bet it’s durable because it looks just as new. Looks like it has a good grip. Can it withstand a great amount of heat? Thanks for the link as well!