summer reading list: put a bird on it


It wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t have more books stacked up than I can possibly get around to reading. Still, when I saw Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer, and Build reviewed, I couldn’t help but order it. As much time as we spend obsessing over our own dwellings, it’s neat to think about the planning birds put into creating their own. Once it arrives, it’ll go straight to the top of the stack. Until then, I’ve still got “A Paris Wife” to finish and four books in the “Game of Thrones” series to keep me company. What’s on your summer reading list? — Sarah L.

Pictured, an African Masked-Weaver from Avian Architecture.

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Megan B

I’ve just blown through three books this week (scored off the bargain table, so they are a couple of seasons behind) — “My Life in France, by Julia Child; “Magical Thinking”, by Augusten Burroughs; and ALMOST done with “Farm City”, by Novella Carpenter. I need more books, STAT!