A few months ago, Sarah C. introduced us to Shelfari and a few readers chimed in with their pick for favorite social networking, bookworm-friendly site: Good Reads. Thank you guys, I’m hooked! I was looking for a way to keep track of my reading list online (I’m constantly writing down suggestions for great books and then losing the notes immediately thereafter) and Good Reads is a Godsend. Not only does the site allow you to keep track of you reading list online, it also allows you to rate and review books you’ve read, recommend titles to your friends, get recommendations, and browse other user generated reading lists (some are broken into basic genres, but some get more creative such as “Thickest Books” and “Books My Father Gave Me”). Check it out, bookmark it, friend me, and don’t judge all the YA books on my virtual bookshelf. –- Katie D.

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Katie D.

Friend me, Shelterrific Readers! Bump my friend list up from zero:


Hi Katie: I friended you. :-) I’m not super active on GoodReads but I do like it a lot. They have a really good e-mail newsletter too. Oh, and I have a lot of YA and children’s fiction on my list. A good book is a good book. :-)

friended! i’ve been using the site for about 3 years and love it!


i love goodreads! my favorite part of it i discovered when i downloaded the iPhone/iPad app: you can scan barcodes of books you own and it will automatically add it to your library. For someone that has hundreds of books (i just can’t stop) this is a godsend. i just took out a shelf at a time, stacked them on a table, scanned them one after the other then hit ‘add all’. so much faster than seplaceing for books individually, and from the isbn number it knew which version it was. i also keep a shelf i named ‘read and gone’ to keep track so that i don’t buy the same book i’ve already read – yes, it’s happened more than once ;)

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Reading? C’mon people. Hollywood is here for a reason.

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