rethink everyday: drying clothes on delicate


Ok friends, here’s a challenge: try to rethink the way you do one commonplace task. That has been my mission lately, and I’ve had a few revelations. The first, and most obvious, has been that just because appliance instructions say to do something, doesn’t mean it’s a steadfast rule (unless it’s for safety reasons). For example – let’s take the clothes dryer. I air-dry the majority of my laundry with the exception of a few things, and those things get tossed in the dryer on Auto/High for 30 minutes.That’s just what I do, and have always done. But, what if I didn’t? What if I tried another setting? I know, crazy. But what I’ve discovered is that I don’t need to use that high setting to get good results. I’ve actually found that using the “delicates” setting (which is less hot than the “auto” setting) dries equally as well, and in some cases, results in softer clothes. I didn’t realize that the highest dryer setting was actually toasting my clothes and making them feel a little crispy! With the exception of my thickest bath mats, the delicates setting has worked just fine for a medium-sized load of laundry, and I bet even saves a little energy to boot. What everyday tasks can you rethink? — Rebecca F.

Image courtesy of flickr user Aurimas Rimsa.

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I have been air drying only for about 5 years. Don’t even own a dryer anymore. So my latest challenge to myself has been to cut down the use of my washer. I have decided to wash clothes by hand. I am amazed at how much water, soap and electricity I am saving. The biggest and best surprise is that my clothes seem so much cleaner and softer. I don’t think my machine was ever really getting out all the detergent.
So if you are considering making a change hand washing your laundry is easier and more practical than you would imagine.