eureka moment: the dish drying mat

dish mat

In our new apartment we have almost no counter space and it’s our biggest, small space problem. The only usable corner is right beside the sink, in the area reserved for drying dishes, which leaves us no room for food preparation or really anything else. Add in the massive scale of our clunky wire dish rack and tray and the kitchen becomes a riddle to be solved any time we want to make food of any sort. We’ve discussed the seplace for the perfect dish rack before, and in my case, the perfect rack isn’t a rack at all, it’s this dish drying mat. With a dishwasher that holds most of our dishes, we only hand wash big-ticket items, and this super absorbent mat gets the job done when needed and can be easily rolled up and stored to reveal usable counter space. The best part? $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. – Sarah C.

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Does the inside dry as well? It looks to me that the air is cutoff in the inside, but I’m sure you know better than me.

@Karina: I have one and the inside does dry, but it takes about the same amount of time as if you had placed it on a tea towel. I ran out and bought one thinking it magically made drying faster, but it totally doesn’t.

I still love it, though. It handles the water drips much better than a tea towel would and it does save a lot of space. I use mine mostly for smaller items since I have a dishwasher. There are those odd larger pans and bowls that can’t go into the dishwasher, though. Then I use the empty racks in the dishwasher as a substitute drying rack. I read that hint somewhere 6 months ago and it totally changed my life!


We have a similar thing from Container Store that we use under our drying rack instead of a mat. The mat gets washed every week, so it doesn’t build up that nasty mildew where the rack feet sit on it. Love it!