new obsession: salmonberries


I recently spied these glowing orange-hued berries on a hike in Seattle’s Carkeek Park, where the trails were lined with bushes dangling the fruits like jewels. I knew it was too early to pick them, but I was sure that they were salmonberries, a wild berry that is a botanical cousin to the much-maligned Himalayan blackberry. So on our next hike, in Olallie State Park, I was tempted again to taste the trail side forbidden fruit — and I did. Waves of bright, tangy juice crashed on to my tongue, slightly reminiscent of raspberries. Salmonberries can be found in wet forests and near streams from Northern California to Alaska, and are usually the first berries to ripen of the season. And now that they’re ripe, I’ll be scouring the greenbelts near our house with a basket for more! I can only imagine how good they’ll be in salads, and how cool would it be to make salmonberry jam? Have you ever foraged for wild fruit? Let us know in the comments! — Megan B.

From our partners

No! the dangers of mistaken identity were drilled into me too well. “you are not an expert” is my mantra to myself if I’m ever tempted. :)
I’m glad your story turned out well though.

Megan B

Ellie, I was 99.9% positive the second time around. I read a lot about them to make sure! But my husband still wouldn’t eat them… though he says he will now that I proved they were safe! ;)


I grew up in the country in England. Every summer I went wild blackberry picking with my family. We would go on day long cycling adventures that involved a picnic, fields full of farm animals and a bottle of pop at a country pub and along the way we would pick bags and bags of blackberries. The freezer would be bursting and we had pie all year round. Happy times.
I live in Chicago now and would love to take my daughter on similar adventures but wouldn’t know where to start…not that much country side within cycling distance of downtown Chicago!