for your eyes only: homemade privacy film


I live on the first floor of a multi-unit building, and lucky me, the only window in my living room faces a walkway used by other tenants (who occasionally look in). I needed to find a way to keep wandering eyes out, but still preserve what little light came through my single window. I found a great curtain at Ikea, but it was more transparent than I liked, especially at night. A blackout curtain wasn’t an option for fear it would feel too dark inside, and self-adhesive vinyl privacy film was more than $40 for just one window! Yikes! So, with a little internet reseplace, I found a homemade remedy to fix the problem. I dissolved 4-5 heaping tablespoons of Epsom salts in a cup of room temperature beer, and let rest until the foam subsided (which took about an hour). Then, I used a small spray bottle and to apply three light coats onto my window, letting it dry in between each coat. When I was finished I had a beautiful frosted pattern on my window, and it cost less than $5. Voilà – homemade privacy film! – Rebecca F.

Photo credit: Rebecca Firlik

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Neat. So you you have to periodically reapply it? And how easy is it to remove?

You dont have to reapply it unless you’re using it in a very steamy room, in which case the humidity would dissolve the salts. Removal was easy -i just sprayed with warm water to dissolve, then cleaned the window with vinegar. done!


It didn’t make your room smell like beer?


Did the Epsom salts interact with the metal window frames at all? (Like cause discoloration?) Did you use a fine mist or a general spray setting on the spray bottle (like the amount that’d be used for cleaning windows)? How long did it take to dry one layer?