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Every so often in life, we just need a bit of comic relief. Sadly, Youtube has, for the most part, run its course for me…I just seem to have reached maximum capacity for cute baby animals and guys getting kicked in a bad place. So, when I finally discovered a little video break that not only didn’t bore me, but had me in fits of laughter for days, you can understand why I was in a bit of a giddy state.

The source of all this fun is My Drunk Kitchen, a site run by the hilarious Hannah Hart. The concept is pretty straightforward: our lovely host (who, by the way, is not a cook) gets drunk and cooks. Hilarity ensues. She does give herself a rule of no sharp knives once intoxicated (sound policy), but this is a crafty girl. She happily resorts to chopping lettuce for a taco with a butter knife, or open a package of cheese with her teeth.

Prepare to watch her recipes devolve in direct proportion to her alcohol consumption, and to hear her hurl insults at a recipe for which she has no patience. “Pretentious-ass recipe!” And, of course, there are loads of helpful tips and tricks for your own kitchen adventures. “Butter yo sh**!” comes to mind. And you won’t want to miss her recipe for the perfect mimosa.

It all reminds me of something that would have transpired in the kitchen of my sorority house in college at 3 in the morning (come to think of it, that may not just be imagining on my part…). If you’re short on time? Start with the cookies, then move on to tacos. You won’t regret it.

I find myself rattling off quotes from her little vids constantly…so I’m thinking I need an apron from her swag store, explaining just how I feel about that “pretentious-ass recipe”. Don’t you agree? –Becki S.

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Katie D.

Luv huh.


Watch someone get drunk????? That is offensive.

Mike Johnson

Yeah, I watched her make cookies. I’ve had no desire to make cookies, or drink, since then.

Megan B

I watched a few vids as a result of this post, and I admit, though the humor (humor being subjective after all) is definitely not going to be for everyone, offensive wasn’t ever even on my radar. Funny how people view things so differently.


I love these videos and Hannah Hart is hysterically funny but much more importantly she has a wonderful soul. She is a UC Berkeley grad with two degrees who checks and corrects Japanese to English translation, so she is also very intelligent.

I worked as a state and national certified addiction counselor and have 25 years of recovery myself – I know from every angle exactly how horrible addiction to alcohol is and how some people will never find anything about alcohol amusing in the slightest way.

But for myself, I just don’t see any of that ugliness in these videos. Hannah is just as funny sober as she is after a few drinks and even in challenging situations, like an online radio interview that went unbelievably south, her deep respect for others shines through.

I think one of the mistakes we all make is we have our opinion about something and we state it like it is the absolute truth. Hannah has made millions of people laugh and feel happy – that is fantastic!

Megan B

Amen, Harto-fan. Amen.

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