want it now: the mod cuckoo clock

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One of my fondest memories of my grandparents’ house is of an old German cuckoo clock that my grandfather especially loved. It was old-fashioned, hand-carved, and every single morning, he would remember to wind that clock before he left for work. I remember sitting underneath it constantly, waiting and waiting for a new hour to strike so I could watch the dancers go around in a circle, and see that little cuckoo pop out of the top.
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Sadly, it’s probably not terribly stylish now to have one of those big, clunky clocks on your wall. But I still love the idea of that little cuckoo – so when I spied this thoroughly modern interpretation of the classic over at CB2, I couldn’t help but covet it. Those clean lines and minimal colors couldn’t be further from the original, but it still makes me smile.

What do you think? Would you hang a cuckoo on your wall? –Becki S.

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I have a love affair with mid century modern decor. My house is decorated in a modern, miid century style. However, I also love cuckoo clocks. And I like all kinds. Rather than make my house look like a shoot from Unhappy Hipsters, or quell my love of cuckoo clocks, I chose to decorate my house with the things that I love and that make it me. So a carved, wooden cuckoo clock from Germany proudly hangs with my Nelson ball clock.
And now, I am going to have to find a place for this cuckoo clock because I love it too!

Megan B

Greta, I thought about you and your cuckoo, of course, when I was editing this post! I have a MCM-ish house, and I would totally hang a cuckoo clock on my wall! I like this one, but I really love those black forest ones. But our house vibe is definitely mid-century woodsy mountain cabin, so I’d like to think it works.


Only this one… it’s fantastic!