real life test kitchen and my final bake-off entry: chocolate spice cake with vanilla buttercream










“This recipe is a can’t-miss!” my friend insisted. Well, Nordic Ware, spending a bit more than I’m used to for bake ware. When I made the cake, I used reduced-fat sour cream, and I’m wondering if that combined with my first foray into bundt pan baking was what made my cake just slightly dry. I didn’t have time to do a test run, or I would have taken it out of the oven sooner — I’ve learned that judges like moist. The cake’s flavor, however, was quite good — like a nice chocolately version of gingerbread.

So my cake didn’t stand a chance against some entries like a peanut butter/chocolate thing that was covered in Reese’s Cups and peanuts (bleah, personally), but I did hear from a lot of people that my frosting was the favorite! I usually just whip up my own with butter, milk, and powdered sugar, but this time I followed a recipe from my re-issue of imple vanilla buttercream frosting that was delicious and easy and held its shape amazingly well. Now that’s a can’t-miss. — Mary T.

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It looks like a huge donut! I want that in my belly.

Oooh Mary, I’m so sorry it didn’t bring you the crown. I swear by this cake still but would definitely recommend the toffee topping over a buttercream. The rich butter content of the toffee would help with moisture issues. I feel like I’ve used LF sour cream before too but maybe not. The applesauce is the real deal moist-maker though.
I hope you’ll make it again!

this cakes looks so good!!!

Mary T.

Anna, I really think I just plain baked it too long! I loved the cake and basically there was none left, so that tells me something, but everyone on our judging panel just went for the most over-the-top gooey crap that was entered. I had no chance! : ) Perhaps the toffee would have helped! I have learned. : )

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