kinda genius: michael ruhlman’s kitchen tools


Michael Ruhlman is awesome. He’s an amazingly talented food writer — his book Ratio is a must for anyone who wants to cook & bake sans recipes, and his blog is an endless source of hilarity and inspiration. So when he’s not busy writing, or hanging out with his buddy Tony Bourdain, he can also add inventor to his list of job titles. I’ve taken notice of his new bamboo scrubber (above), and it is firmly seated at the top of my “things I need” list. Other tested and true implements include the bad ass perforated spoon (yes, that is the real name), designed to assist in poaching the perfect egg; all strain kitchen cloths, reusable cotton strainers that are so much better than cheesecloth; and the spanker collection, acacia wood paddles that get to the corners of pans for even stirring and deglazing. These are artisan tools, indeed. Find the aforementioned items — plus a nice selection of Ruhlman’s favorite other kitchen gadgets and spices — at his Open Sky page. — Megan B.

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