neat and cheap: easy prep quick mixer


We’ve been talking stand mixers quite a bit here recently — and when I spotted this new lil’ number over the weekend, I knew it was timely blog fodder. The Tovolo Easy Prep Quick Mixer, $21.95, promises to whip cream in 10 seconds, and meringues in 30, all without electricity. In addition to being a miniature, self-powered alternative to those counter-hog mixers, the Easy Prep doubles as a measuring cup/batter bowl. The review (yes, just one) on Amazon was incredibly positive, and now I want to try one! Have you? — Megan B.

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This looks like a reworking of the as-seen-on-tv classic, the Whip-O-Matic, with planetary action! My mom got one at a garage sale when I was a kid and it was completely as promised; you’ve never seen cream whip up so fast. Unfortunately the entire thing was plastic (even the gears and working parts were), and it just didn’t stand up to my pre-teen fancy-dessert-making frenzy. I loved it to death.

It looks like the Tovolo might be all plastic too, which would be too bad.

this looks awesome!


Isn’t this the same thing as my mother’s old hand-held metal mixer tool…It had a handle on the top like a pastry cutter, and a crank handle with mixing blades at the bottom. Hold the blades in your cream, turn the crank, voila–whipped cream. Truthfully though, I recently made whipped cream with a whisk in a glass bowl in about 3 minutes. While another (cute) gadget is appealing, more clutter is not.