everything is cooler in japan


I don’t know about you guys, but this summer is kicking my butt. It’s hot in Chicago and, as the season marches on, the mercury continues to rise. Sure, I could spend all day in the air conditioned bliss of the movie theaters, but, eventually, I’ll have to venture out to the hot, steamy streets. I only wish I had some of this futuristic cooling foam from Japan. Hokkyoku Monogatari translates to “Tales of the North Pole” (hence the cartoon polar bear on the can) and is a foam that turns pliable and mold-able when sprayed. It acts as an ice pack and provides a five minute cool down- perfect for quick jaunts in between precious air conditioning. –- Katie D.

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and I bet it has tons of CFS that kill more ozone thus increasing the global warming and making the planet even hotter. I once rubber banded plastic baggies of ice to my wrists one super hot summer without air conditioning. That helped for about half an hour, then it lost it’s cooling effect.

jess s

All I can think about is how wasteful this product is, how many chemicals and miles went into producing it. Then the customer uses it for 5 minutes and sends it to a landfill. What a bummer. This summer has been quite hot, though.