steal this idea: s’more station deluxe


Ever since we got our makeshift old wheelbarrow firepit going, we’ve been completely obsessed with one thing: s’mores!* We’ve branched out from the classic (milk chocolate & graham cracker) in so many ways — using Nutella (thanks, Greta), belgian 72% dark chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and, my favorite, Petit Ecolier cookies (chocolate and cookie in one!). It’s gotten to the point where I just put everything out on a tray, so we can choose on a whim what we want. What would be on your s’more station? Sound off in the comments! — Megan B.

*Full disclosure: on nights where we don’t go outside, we’ve taken to making them on the couch, with our own tea lights; an arduous yet rewarding task.

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As a 31 year old woman, I am still the object of teasing from my family when it comes to my giddiness 4 years ago when I saw s’mores on the dessert menu on a casual fine-dining place in Wyoming. (It was at a hotel, they had outdoor fire pits and provided all the fixings and I had a loud exclamation of glee). I always think the marshmallows are the magic of s’mores. Has anyone tried home-made/flavored marshmallows?

We just got home from camping, with S’mores every night. the best ones were made with Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate and TJ’s cinnamon graham crackers. SO GOOD!