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Well, hmm. I can see threatening to hang it on the bedroom wall of an excessively naughty child, as an ultimate last resort. (Kidding, just kidding.) But it really just looks horrific to me. I can’t imagine wanting it anywhere in my home. Unless as a Halloween decoration on the front porch? If I didn’t want any adorable trick or treaters that year, because, again, I really think kids would be scared of this thing. But, to each their own, to each their own! Enjoy your alien fish sculpture!

Megan B

I love it, but I tend to enjoy the creepy/ macabre/ taxidermy /nautical stuff…


Now I want to make a plush one!

Sarah L.

DJ, I can’t explain my fascination with the thing. I’m really not a dead anything on the wall kinda person. There’s just something about the folk-art-iness of it that kept me thinking about it.

Stella, do it! Send pics!