put a bird on it: abigail brown’s avian textile art

Picnik collage

I’m a bird-watching geek but even if I wasn’t, I have to think I’d still love these handcrafted textile birds by UK artist Abigail Brown. It’s not just the texture and layers of stitching that’s so appealing. It’s also that she seems to capture the spirit of each bird in her work. The shy, sleepy owl. The hummingbird that even while sitting looks poised for flight. The curious blue tit with its head turned, watching. While they’re not cheap — prices range from just under $100 to over $600 — they’re beautiful works of art and certainly special-occasion worthy. Which one’s your favorite? — Sarah L.

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This is adorable! I am not that handy with needle and thread, but it certainly fits with moto- “put a bird on it!” Cute!