coming this fall: missoni for target

Missoni for Target

It seems like only yesterday we were getting our britches in a twist over the Calypso for Target collaboration, and now, looking ahead to fall we’ve got another target (ha!) for our affections: Missoni for Target. If you haven’t already heard, take notes: Missoni’s first collection for the big box retailer featuring more than 400 products will launch September 13. Clothing for men, women, girls and baby and home decor including bedding, tableware and stationery will be featured, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $599.99. Furniture and bikes help to make up the higher end of that spectrum, but many items will retail for $40 or less. What do you think, readers? Does your Calypso excitement translate to this new colaboration with Missoni? Check out Racked for the complete lookbook. — Sarah C.

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I was excited about Calypso, but now MISSONI!!!!! I am very excited about the Missoni!! Especially those doggone pillows!!!


Oh this is the partnership I’m most excited about in recent memory (yes, beyond Calypso and Liberty of London). I think I’ll go with a scarf.

I am excited about the Missoni line, but in my opinion the best designer line that Target ever did was Orla Kiely. I am longing for her to be back. Do you think they’d ever do a second time around with the same designer? Wishful thinking.

wow i can’t wait for this day to be here!!!

I also loved the Orla Kiely but am counting down the days til Missoni–i’m going to have a HUGE problem not buying just about every item in the line!


I’m really excited about Missoni–maybe not as much as Liberty, but then I’m a huge Liberty fan. I love wandering around the big store in London, and I have some great stuff from there. And I bought a lot of the Target Liberty stuff. However, Missoni! I totally want that looped throw pillow, and possible one of the poufs, although I saw a picture of a fuchsia one in House Beautiful and the zig zags didn’t line up on the different sides. That would drive me insane. One of the first things I learned when sewing was how important it was to line up patterns in your fabric, it shows the cheap manufacture and I’m surprised that Missoni would let them get away with it. But maybe that was a bad example. The ad in House Beautiful shows square melamine place settings–I have a thing about square plates, I hate them. No reason why, I just do. So I won’t be getting those, but it also showed some gorgeous platters or trays and I really want those. Might even hang them on the wall in the same way!