steal this idea: spruce up floral arrangements with everyday foods

peas in vase

Recently at a dual baby shower at work, while admiring the myriad adorable decorations the teams had arranged (baby showers are serious business at my office) I was struck by a minute detail that made a big difference. Outfitted with gorgeous flowers, the vases on each table had also been finished with the perfect touch of …frozen peas. Such a simple, sweet idea! The peas tied in with the rest of the green theme nicely while also offering an unexpected pop of color and texture to the otherwise minimal tablescape. For a summery alternative, Southern Living comes to the rescue with this simple vase makeover involving fresh lime slices. Readers, have any similar, kitchen-friendly tricks for dressing up centerpieces? Share in comments! — Sarah C.

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I wonder how long those peas last, just a few hours or all day? I mean I guess it is easy enough to dump the peas in before everyone arrives…
Bravo though, It was clear something had to be done about the vases. They scream cheap flower and those “beta fish under a lily” pieces from 15 years ago.


Wow, wasting food plus hideous centerpieces. Yikes.


To get the same result without sacrificing food by submerging it in water, I insert a column vase holding the arrangement into the larger, shaped vase and put the food items in the space between the two. I’ve used jelly beans, coffee beans (smells divine!), M&M’s — anything that won’t spoil over the course of your event. After the event, remove the column vase and repackage the food items.


OK, I’m with Hazel – a big no to floating food in your flower water.

You can make those fluted vases more modern if you do not tie a bow around them and fill them with relatively short stems of the same flower. Seriously, a big dense burst of carnations all cut the same length can be quite nice, as can a vase filled with nothing but baby’s breath. Think Jeff Leatham– though many of us have been doing those types of arrangements for years, he’s just taken it to the next level and has made a living at it!

As for the link to the Southern Living article, use the limes to make margaritas and put just 1/2″ of water in the bottom of the vase (one with straight sides, not fluted), then cut the tulips at different lengths all shorter than the vase then set them down into it – it creates a nice sculptural effect to have the flowers lean against the inside of the vase.