post off: specimen boxes. cool or cruel?



It was inevitable that as soon as butterfly specimen boxes began popping up in online magazines, an alternative would present itself. On Etsy, you’ll find plenty of specimen cases using real butterflies, raised for the trade. But now there’s also paper-crafted butterfly displays that are beautiful in their own right, like this one by CreativeJuiceDesigns. So which would you choose, real or paper? Me? I have to admit there’s something about the real thing that takes me back to being a kid at the museum in Chicago. I’d stand on tiptoes and look at the cases and dream of one day going to someplace where the butterflies were bigger than my hand. That’s a feeling that paper just can’t quite capture. — Sarah L.

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I saw a fun take on these here:

The person cut up a brochure from a butterfly exhibit and used the cut-outs. I love how she gently folded them and how they cast shadows and look so real.

I always found these sort of creepy…why anyone would want framed bugs (even really pretty ones) on their wall is beyond me.

I made one several years ago out of maps from our honeymoon. One thing you can do with all the paper ephemera you collect on a trip, but will probably never need to use again!