new obsession: earl grey tea cake

anaulin earl grey flickr

Well, Monday’s here again. The bad news? We’re at the far end of the pier from the next breezy summer weekend, but I highly suggest we get through it together by relishing the best parts of weekends past. For me, this weekend was involved movie-watching at night, picnicking by day and a fantastic wedding cake tasting party where I stumbled upon a new flavor fetish: Earl Grey cake. The party, which was an intimate affair designed to help the Cake Master/friend of the bride & groom decide on flavors for the big day, showcased four cakes: two chocolate with mocha or coconut-flavored embellishments, and two featuring Earl Grey tea, either within the cake mix, or headlining the frosting. A chocolate girl through and through, I considered my vote cast before I loaded my plate, but I was surprised to find I really loved the unique taste of the other options. A refreshing departure from your typical wedding cake, the tea gave a hint of unique flavor without overpowering the taste of the cake. In the end, my vote went to honey lemon cake with the Earl Grey frosting over the infused cake mix, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried and liked cakes featuring the flavor? Stop by Real Simple for their recipe for Chocolate-Earl Grey Cake or checkout the Food Network’s take on Tea Cakes with Earl Grey Icing. – Sarah C.

Photo by Flickr member anaulin

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A recipe that is easy to follow and uses simple ingredients that can be easily found at home – perfect for that random baking therapy :) The earl grey tea was subtle and not overpowering. I steeped the tea longer than recommended as I like the taste of tea.


I’ve made the Real Simple one – and it’s wonderful! I rarely make the same thing twice, there are so many things out there to try, but it’s so simple and very very popular, so I’ve made it at least a dozen times for parties or work