wallpaper that tells a story: grow house grow


I think my thing for wallpaper started early, my tiny fingers tracing the lines of my 1970’s, garishly-hued, ABC plastered wall while still in the crib. Our bathroom had the grooviest mirrored wallpaper printed with bamboo and pussywillows, too. Now as we try to decorate our own home, I can’t help but be drawn to wallpaper — especially with designs as gorgeous and unique as the ones produced by Brooklyn’s Grow House Grow. Their slogan is “a story for every storey” — and these hand-printed works of art each have their own tale to tell, with whimsy and beauty in spades.

Seen above, two selections from the most recent Naturalist Collection:Ms. Treat, with its pattern of carnivorous plants is in tribute to the 19th century American naturalist of the same name name, and Ms. Ward takes its muse from its namesake’s entomological drawings.

The ornate damask of Aleister Crowley evokes an opium-laced 1930’s seance, while Captain Smith, inspired by the first-and-only captain of the HMS Titanic, has me seasick with desire. For a cheerier print (perhaps in a kid’s room), Cottontail is a fun choice — the design originating from artist Katie Deedy’s childhood belief that rabbits were born in cotton fields.

Each print is available in 3 colorways (with custom colors available) and can be purchased by the roll, sheet, or even a small sample. I like so many, I may just get sheets and frame them. And stay tuned for the next collection, entitled “Timeline”, due to be released soon! — Megan B.

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That’s so funny – I just noticed Captain Smith in a newly renovated coffee shop in Brooklyn.