dreaming of: end-of-summer barbecues

Am I the only person who seems to have missed barbecue season entirely? I’m inclined to blame Portland’s extremely brief summer this year — we really only started seeing sun regularly a few weeks ago. Still, with Labor Day fast approaching, I feel like my charcoal grill is a ticking time bomb — if I don’t get out there now, I’ll have to wait an entire year for a batch of my husband’s legendary barbecue ribs.

To solve the problem, I’m thinking an “end-of-summer” barbecue party is in order – after all, if you invite other people, it’s that much harder to flake. Of course, inviting people means decorating…and I have my eye on a few last-minute additions to my yard that would make this one sweet reward. I spent some time daydreaming over at Horne yesterday, and came up with all the pieces I’d need to make this party extraordinary.

Who doesn’t want a fire pit in their yard? Especially now that I no longer have grass to compete with, I’m sorely tempted to install this pretty version, complete with a removable grill top, at Horne. It’s the perfect opportunity for S’mores, don’t you think?


I love the plush, rich feel an outdoor rug gives to any alfresco event. At $49, this Turkish-inspired version is cheap enough to spend time in my dog-friendly yard, but luxe enough to feel special.

I’ll need a tablecloth, of course, but rather than going for a traditional option, I love the idea of using a few vintage blankets, or even a Mexican serape (which you can snag for as little as $20, in all different sizes). It dresses up the table, adds color and style, and is just as easy to wash after the big event as your favorite tablecloth.


I’m not much for yard tchotchkies as a rule, but a modern set of wind chimes does a beautiful job of setting the scene when the weather’s right. This version from Pigeon Toe Ceramics has been on my wishlist for a year now.

And, speaking of the gorgeousness at Pigeon Toe, these ceramic replicas of classic Kerr mason jars would be amazing lined up on the table after dark, don’t you agree?

Do you have any end-of-summer barbecues planned? We’d love to know what’s on the menu! — Becki S.

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