mongolia or bust? new anthropologie catalog sparks wanderlust


Among the pile of September catalogs ready to launch us into the fall is Anthropologie’s stunning Issue 9. We’re not entirely sure where it was shot, but a story from Stylist last year hints that creative director Trevor Lunn and his crew were heading towards Mongolia. Judging from the vibrant textiles and textures sprinkled throughout, we’re guessing that’s right. If you’ve ever seen a story about a Mongolian Yurt (like this one on Flickr) or the movie Babies you will recognize the gorgeous patterns and embroidery. We’re keeping our eyes open for more behind-the-scenes info on this catalog (let us know if you find any), but in the meantime, we’re gonna drool over this one till it gets sloppy.

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Megan B.

One of my dearest friends is living in Mongolia, working for the peace corps. I’ve been most intrigued by the food photos, but I’ll have to have her pick me up something fab. You should see some of the traditional costumes — it’s like steampunk/wild west/with an Asian twist!

I live in Mongolia. I can’t say for sure that those photos weren’t taken in Mongolia, but they’re not reminiscent of anything I’ve ever seen here.


Oh, that chair is divine!


I was sooo tempted to call Anthropologie and find out where these pics were shot after I got the catalog. I cannot stop looking at it. So beautiful. I want to guess it was Baltic Sea area, Lithuania, Latvia …


The catalogue is mostly shot in Romania – some of the later ‘travel’ shots on the train etc are in Hungary.