dining room inspiration: fence fungus green



We spent the weekend carrying split rails from the driveway to the yard and replacing 70+ rotten rails. Not an activity I’d recommend if you want to be able to lift your arms over your head come Monday, but it’s good to have the project done and out of the way nonetheless. The other good thing? I think I might just have solved the color problem I was having with our dining room. I know I want a sage-y green, but all the colors I tried ended up having too much yellow undertones once I got them on the wall. Midway through day two of fixing the fence, it hit me that the green stuff growing all over the rails was actually pretty, once you got past the whole rotting the rails thing. Two pics later, the Benjamin Moore color app pointed me in a new direction. Top of my new list? Nob Hill Sage. It’s got cooler undertones (center top of fence photo) and when I pulled it up on the Benjamin Moore site, the complementary colors were close to the still life I want to get framed for the room. My second choice? Herb bouquet. It’s a little darker, but if we paint below the chair rail in a high gloss white, it might well be the winner. Of course, the real test will be getting some patches on the wall but for now, I’m excited about bringing the outside in. Just don’t expect me to be lifting a paintbrush for a few more days. — Sarah L.

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