steal this idea: garden plant organizer


Hey, what do you do with those little tag they put in nursery plants once you get them home? Perhaps you throw them away. Or maybe you have a system like mine: throw them in an old flowerpot in the shed until a year later when you’re trying to remember the name of what was planted where and how tall it might eventually be. Well, how about this idea from one of my neighbors: grab a simple binder, organize it by area of the yard, and just staple the tags in there along with any notes about plant care. Such a simple idea, but I admit, I was impressed! — Mary T.

From our partners

I just moved into a new house and started my own garden and actually had the thought to keep all the little plant markers, but I didn’t think to staple them into a binder! Smart! I also keep a journal of what I planted each year and how things grew, what the weather was like, what I thought I should change next year, etc. It’s really handy (plus something you could leave behind for the next owner should you ever move — something I wish we had had at our old house).

I love ideas like this. Great motivation to get my garden life together. Thanks!