etsy find: fall fields paintings


It may be early days of fall. but it feels like it is in full swing. I’m back to baking again, now that the house is cooler. And we’ve attended our first fall festival. Getting there involved a ferry ride, which caused some confusion and disappointment on the first river crossing because the backseat occupants thought that it was a fairy ride. Just one of many pitfalls we’ve discovered in the English language! The return trip was met with a lot more enthusiasm, although that could have been the lingering affects from the apple desserts/sugar high.

We’ve got two more festivals marked on the calendar. Hopefully I can find some regional artwork at one of them but if not, these two small oils caught my eye on Etsy. The first measures 6″ x 6″ and is by Etsy seller erinspencer. Yours if you’re more decisive than me for $70. The second measures 3.5″ x 2.5″ and is from UK Etsy seller wildatartshop for $10.25. Either would look great propped against a bowl of apples or my blue and white Cornishware canisters. — Sarah L.

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How do you find your fall festivals? I never seem to realize one is happening until it’s too late.

Sarah L.

Hi Jen. We’ve had the best luck with the state tourism sites. Online newspaper listings tend to be hit or miss and you can’t get an idea of the scale. (We showed up at one “festival” we found in the paper that was a barn and a $10 petting zoo. Nothing else and we drove an hour to get there.) My favorite are the little towns that have the same annual festival. Guess some of it depends on where you live, too.


Hey Sarah–

Was just looking through the website for the first time–and love it. Thank you for putting your ideas and finds out there.

I just wanted to let you know, as you move into the holiday season that my mom has an etsy site (and I am really proud of the stuff that she is doing these days) with some beautiful work on it. She does collage mainly out of paper–and sells cards with the small collage reproductions on them. Her etsy shop is pippengerart–

think you would like her stuff.

Thanks again and have a great weekend :)


Sarah L.

Thanks Laura. Always love new Etsy finds!