halloween crafts! a pricey d.i.y wreath + free (almost) window decals



When I saw the glowing eyeball wreath in this month’s “Country Living,” my heart skipped a beat. Then I did the math — eight dozen glowing eye balls at $7.99/dozen — and my heart did something else. Since I made Martha’s slithering wreath last year, I couldn’t justify the cost of making a new one, but I did file away the idea. Luckily, there were a lot of other great ideas, including creepy crow window decals, in this month’s Country Living. You can download the illustrations free from the magazine’s site. Then all you need is an inkjet printer and window decal sheets. I found them on Amazon for $7.49/pack. There are three sheets included, so I flipped the image horizontally after I printed the first two sheets. Total cost? Eighty-three cents a decal. Unfortunately, making the decals was a lot easier than getting a decent picture. You’ll find better images on the magazine’s website, along with a lot more fun ideas. — Sarah L.

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Pink Poppies

Why not buy only one pack of eyeballs and use ping-pong balls for the rest? It would seem to me to be freakier if there were only a few eyeballs staring at you.

Miss Ruth

Craftster has a great monster wreath tutorial (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=53867.0) that would work well with the glowing eyeballs, and at a lower cost. Or you could mix glowing eyeballs with ping-pong balls on an all-eyeball wreath and still get a great effect.

Sarah L.

great suggestions! if anyone’s interested in giving it a go, you can get 150 ping pong balls for $15, glow in the dark spray paint for $6 and the wreath form for under $5. that would bring the project in at $25.

i love the craftster wreath. thanks for posting it.


It’s not a lot better, but Oriental Trading Company has the glow in the dark eyeballs for $6.00 a dozen.

Julia Lockhart

I got 144 glow eyeballs on Amazon for $55 with free next day shipping (by signing up for Amazon Prime membership trial). Total wreath cost is about $60 with the foam wreath and black electrical tape. I have a couple dozen eyeballs left over in case some fall off over the years. My kids LOVE it and it was super easy to make!

Liked this. Cool stuff.