desperately seeking squirrel candles!


A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a Pottery Barn (actually, Isadora, my 3 1/2 year old lead the way, demanding we go inside) and was dazzled by the holiday tabletops on display. There were gorgeous platters and bowls covered in classic foul drawings and leafy runners. Not really my style, but I could appreciate them nonetheless. Then I spotted these adorable critter candles — a squirrel and a hedgehog. I held them in my hand, considered how sweet they’d be on our holiday table, and thought they were reasonably priced at $10. Before I had a chance to make my way to the checkout counter, Isadora was ready to move on. Besides I thought, who could melt such a cutie? The moment passed; I left empty handed.

Fast forward to mid October, and now I really want a squirrel candle. How can we celebrate properly without one! I totally have didn’t-buy-that remorse, and now, alas, they seem to be sold out.

Has that ever happened to you? Ever think twice about something you didn’t get and then not be able to find it again?

More importantly — do you know where I could find me a darn squirrel candle? Help! — Angela M.

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Cathy Lawson

Hi–I realize this post is over a year old, but I was just on the Kohl’s website and they have some similar candles (not quite as adorable as the pottery barn ones, but still cute) available now.

The Kohl’s versions look a bit tougher–like they could beat up the Pottery Barn versions. ;^)