plumen’s pretty low energy lightblubs come to u.s.


Thanks to the savvy Ginny Figlar for pointing out on her new blog semicolonsomethings that these gorgeous lightbulbs have hit our native shores. We have long lamented that the design of CFL bulbs leave much to desire, and now that these beauties are here we should stop complaining. The Pulmen is pricey — $30 — but it iss gorgeous enough to stand alone or shine in a clear shade. It will last ya eight years, so really that’s pennies day.

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Karen P.

Yes, it is more attractive than the run of the mill fluorescents we’re used to, but if I’m going to spend that kind of money on a lightbulb, I think I would opt for an LED.

Mary T

I love these! I have compact flourescents now that have been on day and night — there’s one fixture in our basement that’s always on — since 2007 without needing to be changed. It’s truly amazing! So it might be worth it! : )