post off: what’s your costume plan for halloween?


Have we told how excited we are for Halloween this year? Our three-old daughter is combating the princess storm by dressing as the ONLY female Disney character with a job: Mary Poppins! It’s all about the accessories: hat, umbrella, carpet bag. Not easy, but the payoff will be worth it. Her dad and I will dress as obligatory chimney sweeps and allow her to steal the spotlight. After showing off our duds in the neighborhood parade, we’ll lure trick-or-treaters into a makeshift porchside photo studio to capture their portraits. Last year, Batman fell into our lair. Can’t wait to see who will stumble by this year. What will you be dressed as? — Angela M.

Photo by Chad Hunt

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I am dressing as a hamburger! I made a custom dress and have added “lettuce”, “cheese”, and “tomato”. I’m nearly finished and ready to show it off on my website! Mary Poppins will be a really great costume, I can’t wait to see it!



I’m not actually dressing up this year. I just don’t have the energy to do family costumes. My three-year-old daughter is going as a dinosaur. At first she was Ladybug Girl, but then she suddenly got obsessed with dinosaurs. She looks adorable in her costume, but I hope no one assumes she’s a boy because she’s in a dinosaur costume, especially since it came from the “boys costumes” section of the catalog. Grrr–as if boys own dinosaurs.


Love your costumes!! I am a self-proclaimed Halloween grinch and don’t dress up unless i have to, but was always proud of my daughter resisting the princess trend. Her first year in preschool, she was Stellaluna (a bat) and was literally the ONLY girl in her class who wasn’t a princess of some sort! This year (at age 6) she will be Hope Solo (no, she doesn’t know about Dancing with the Stars or any of that; it’s purely World Cup Soccer inspired). Don’t think most of the kids in her class are going to get it…


Oh, and @Pencils: my daughter was Ladybug Girl when she was 4 and she loves dinosaurs, too!


My 21 month old is dressing as Doctor Who (the 11th) with a tweed jacket (took forever to make), button down shirt, bow tie, and suspenders. I figure this is probably the last year that I get to choose what he’ll be. But since the tweed jacket took so long to make, I’m making him wear it everyday until it gets too cold!


yeah I kind of dropped the ball this year on my own costume (still love that milk with the I am the 2% sign) , but I just wanted to say that batman photo is amazing.


Catherine–love the idea of your little one as the Doctor! That’s going to be amazing. And Hope Solo is great, Sara. My daughter initially wanted to be Ponyo, but we didn’t think anyone would get it and it would be a pretty dull costume, just a red dress and bloomers (later I saw a fish Ponyo costume on Etsy that’s pretty neat.) I am proud of my daughter for choosing costumes of active, interesting characters. Well, then there’s the dinosaur, but she wants to be a dinosaur because they roar and stomp around. ;)

Mary T

For the first time in a LONG time this year, my husband and I both dressed up. We weren’t invited to a party, but we helped a friend who owns a store give out candy at our neighborhood’s annual trick-or-treat day — it was a mob scene for three hours! I went (this was my husband’s idea) as No-Face from Spirited Away. We “floated” the mask (just marker on posterboard with black mesh over the eye holes) a little away from a black hood by attaching it to a paint stir stick, which I attached inside the hood with double-stick tape. It was hard to see a little (we’ll work harder on positioning the eye holes next time!!) but gratifying that so many kids and parents actually knew what i was!

My husband’s costume was hilarious: David Byrne in the big suit. NO ONE knew what he was, but we had a laugh just the same.


My 4 year-old daughter is dressing as a doctor, and her 2 year-old sister is a thermometer. I spent $1 on a Dr vest, made the thermometer out of an old pillowcase, oh and spent a few dollars on lollipops. My daughter insisted that she hand out lollys if she was a doctor.
I’ll be throwing on some scrubs, and the whole family is a medical team.
(I’m glad my daughter branched out this year. Until about a week ago she wanted to go as the same thing as last year…Darth Vader)
Hopefully we can get the girls to go as Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep next year…love that!