whoo-hoo! we get an extra hour this weekend!


Okay, this week has been nuts. Between recovering from the surprise snow storm and coming down off our post-Halloween sugar highs, we’re a little wiped out. Luckily, we can sleep easy tomorrow night, Saturday, November 5th, knowing that when we wake on Sunday, we can do that magical thing we often yearn to do: turn back the hands of time. Yes, this Sunday, November 6th is officially the end of daylight savings time 2011, and we will all set our clocks back one hour. Waking on Monday will be a little easier hopefully, to do a newly rising sun. The joy will be gone by the time we’re commuting back home in pitch darkness, but lets not go there yet. Lets just look forward to our extra weekend hour. What will you do with yours?

Shown here, the Kirkkerland Digital Clock, something we wouldn’t mind looking at a little longer.

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