is there such a thing as soft organic sheets?


Organic fabrics can be tricky business. Sure, they’re processed without chemicals, and the cotton is grown without pesticides. But the results can be fabrics that are either paper thin or burlap thick, with a texture to match. When I set out to find a pair of organic sheets, I knew I had my work cut out for me, but the idea of not having all of those chemicals rubbing around on me while I sleep was appealing, even to a girl as un-environmentally friendly as me.

After spending way too much time reseplaceing the best options, I settled on a set from Charles P. Rogers, and they’ve completely changed my opinion of organic cotton. These beautiful sheets are soft and luxurious, with just the right amount of thickness to keep you warm, but thin enough to drape well and not wrinkle too terribly. They wash beautifully, and the fitted sheet actually holds on to the corners of my gigantic mattress. At $140 for a Queen set, they’re not the cheapest option on the block, but in the world of organics, it’s actually very reasonable. And a good set of sheets is one of those investments whose value can’t be quantified – there’s just nothing like it.

Next thing you know, I might even insist on organic cotton tees! Well, maybe not quite yet. –Becki S.

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Does anyone know if Plover is soft or not? They’re very pretty, although also not so cheap. I’ll look into these Rogers ones, thanks!


OMG so excited you wrote about these!!! I happen to love Charles P. Rogers everything…they’re beds are the best, but these sheets are amazing! The best kept secret!